The student run hackathon beyond the wall!

March 19th-20th 2016

Everything you'll need to know!


Taking place on 19th March to 20th


BlackRock Edinburgh HQ!

Exchange Place One, 1 Semple Street, EH3 8BL


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Thanks for your interest, but we've filled all our volunteer positions.

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Coming along today? We've prepared a survival guide that's got all the information you need today!


Travel Reimbursements are out!

Location: Reimbursement amount:
Scotland (Excl, Edinburgh) £20
North England + Midlands £40
Southern England + EU £50

For all those who have tickets please send proof of ticket purchase and price to:

Travel Reimbursements!

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Here's all the awesome stuff we got lined up for you for the weekend!

10:00 Sat

Doors Open

We will begin registration, please make sure you have photo ID and your ticket details (On a phone etc. is fine.) Find the survival guide below!


11:00 Sat

Welcome Talks

Opening presentations on Hack details, API presentations and Challenge pitches and a word from our kind host, Blackrock!

12:00 Sat

Hacking Starts!

Get hacking! You only have 24hrs to get your next big idea ready for presentation! An informal team building session will also be run at this time, so those without a team can work together

13:00 Sat


For some probably the first meal of the day!

14:00 Sat

Talks and Workshops!

Come along to a whole bunch of workshops led by professionals. Want to learn to use Git? Or want to give your final presentation some flash? This is the next few hours for you!

18:00 Sat


Selection of Hot foods will be available.

20:00 Sat

Musical Code (an event by Bloomberg)

An interesting take on musical chairs, but with code. What could go wrong?

22:00 Sat

Let the Movies Begin!

Tired of hacking? In these next few hours enjoy some movie masterpieces (and maybe mean girls), as voted by you!

00:00 Sun

Midnight Pizza!

We're getting a large order of Pizza in to keep you going through the night!
(Veggie pizza will be available, vegans come chat to us)

00:30 Sun


Welcome to Edinburgh! Home of the world famous werewolf team, founded at HackNotts but made famous by us! For the next hour come pretend to be villagers in a silly-ily named town - but beware for the night is certainly dark...

01:00 Sun


Have your apetite whetted by Werewolf? Or missed out and wanna try your luck again? Well, for the next few hours gather found various cardboard boxes and roll dice! We're playing board games! But good ones, none of that monopoly to be found here.

09:00 Sun


Good morning to those who got some sleep! Otherwise well done for making it the whole night!

10:00 Sun

BlackRock Presentation!

Tired of hacking? Come listen to BlackRock give a presentation to help sharpen those presentation skills.

12:00 Sun

Lunch! (Again)

Last meal we're responsible for! But you better eat quick, only got an hour to go!

13:00 Sun

Stop Hacking!

Hands off you keyboards! (Yes you, I see you over there). Congratulations! Whether it's your first hack or not I hope you've enjoyed your time here with us and made something cool

14:00 Sun


Here's where you get to strut your stuff, show off what you've made and convince our Dragons(they don't bite) you deserve a prize!

16:00 Sun


Hold your breath, this is when the prizes are awarded. Even if you don't manage to get anything you're all still winners in my eyes!

17:00 Sun

Doors Close

Yeh, sling yer 'ook. No, but seriously thanks for coming! The amount of interest this year was staggering - I just hope we lived up to your expectations and hope to see you again next year!

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